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In modern era everything is available online and every business needs to have website for its online presence. Every business is not of the same niche so it also has the different user base hence the looks and features do differ. In this post we are sharing some information about 15 ways to make attractive Website Designs:

  1. Color Combination: The first thing which is important for attractive web designs is Color Combination. One must combine two or three colors in a website designs according to the niche of the website.
  1. Use Images: A traditional way to make your website look eye soothing is using the images in your website. Always make sure you use quality pictures referencing your business in the website.
  1. Sliders: Use of sliders is in trend now as they can do a lot good in your website design as the moving objects can catch the attention of beholder. Use sliders to showcase your services and current special offers to make your website attractive.
  1. Use CSS: One can use CSS to make one’s website beautiful and attractive with css validations. You can easily create animations by using css codes which can make your website even better with predefined features.
  1. Menus: Make useful and creative menus where you can use hover effects to make them beautiful and attractive.
  1. JavaScript: JavaScripts are widely used in websites and applications to add custom features which can help users to go through the website with ease. It can determine the looks of your page and how an element would behave.
  1. Headings: You should use headings tags in proper place and in a proper way in your website. Headings at right place can easily attract your visitors which might lead to be a business lead for you.
  1. Testimonials: Add testimonials of your clients in your website as it can assure your upcoming clients that you are genuine and would complete their work on time.
  1. Social Widgets: Add social widgets in your webpages because this can help your users to find you on the social websites. Adding social buttons on your website would improve your visibility in social media sites, on search engine and also in the real world with the help of online social sharing.
  1. Add Certifications: You must add your certification on your website so that your users can know that you are a legit firm.
  1. Reviews: Add user reviews about your company on your website as it looks good on your webpages where you showcase your client speaks about your business and services.
  1. Content Sliders: Use content sliders to move content which can allow users to see various items in specific area on your website.
  1. Use Gif Images: You can use gif animations on your website as these animations look great on your websites.
  1. Add Widgets: You can use calendar, date and countdown widgets on your websites as these useful features also attract visitors.
  1. Manage Content: This is very important feature as managed content can improve the looks of your web design by covering blank spaces on your websites.
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